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People born on December 23 Zodiac are hardworking, quietly ambitious individuals who are at their happiest and their best when they can identify areas of improvement and then formulate original, sometimes radical but always practical solutions. Gifted organizers, they prefer to plan and work toward and then carefully prepare for improvement.

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Those born on this day distrust sudden change and feel uncomfortable when it is thrust upon them as it upsets their steady and determined plans for progressive change and progress. In fact, when they assume positions of power—which more often than not they do, given their authoritative presence and excellent communication skills—they can be resistant to change.

They can also become controlling and authoritarian when challenged, and when alternative viewpoints to their own are given they can become hostile and defensive. It is therefore extremely important for their psychological growth and their professional success that they learn to be more flexible and open-minded in their approach to people and situations.

Before the age of twenty-eight, they may have shown a responsibility beyond their years, perhaps getting their foot on the property ladder long before their peers, taking on the responsibilities of a partner and family, or firmly establishing themselves in their career.

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After the age of twenty-nine, however, there is a gradual shift of emphasis which highlights a growing need to be more carefree and independent and to express their individuality. Another turning point occurs when they are sixty: they are likely to become more sensitive and responsive to their creative urges. Whatever their age or stage in life, they need to resist the urge to withdraw into stubbornness, inflexibility and complacency.

This is because when they start to be more spontaneous and to share their compassion, generosity, creativity and curiosity with others, they will discover that they have the ability to lead and inspire others to follow them along the optimum path to progress, in whatever direction, or directions, it takes everyone.

People born on December 23 Zodiac are dynamic, charming and rarely short of admirers, but they can be quite cold and withdrawn when it comes to affairs of the heart. People born on this day tend to have a conservative, cautious but stable approach to their health. Although this can sometimes block their progress in life, their chances of living to a ripe and healthy old age are high. On the down side, however, are their tendencies to worry and overwork, which can lower their immunity and make them prone to stress and mood swings.

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Rheumatism could be a problem with advancing age and they need to make sure they keep as active and flexible as possible in their daily lives. A regular program of moderate activity is highly recommended, as are daily stretching exercises.

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  4. They also need to keep as mentally flexible as possible; whatever their age, learning a new skill or language is highly recommended, as is further education. Though they promote fun, they are strict on discipline. People born on this date have a common-sense approach to good health.

    December 23 Birthday Horoscope

    By not overdoing anything, they reap the rewards without losing out on the occasional need to indulge a bad habit. Health problems are typically minor, but problem skin is not unknown.

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    If they make water their main beverage, the skin condition is likely to clear up. People born on this date are serious about career ambitions.

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    5. They work hard, learn quickly, obey the rules, and they know that professional shortcuts can be deceptive. They often spend a great deal of money on home decorating, with an eye for antiques and other objets d'art that will increase in value. To climb to the top without fudging the rules is a common goal of December 23 people. They know what they want and are willing to work hard to get it, no matter how hard that may be. They never blame setbacks on anyone but themselves.

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      If a goal becomes impossible to fulfill, they replot the course. Jill M.

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