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Join the artists, and the theatre students of the Green Acres Art Centre for an afternoon of story sharing. Try out acting! Learn how to transform a story to a performance on stage using your body, voice and imagination. Ages Seniors are welcome to enjoy refreshments and the arts in Arborg. Adults and teens ages 15 and up - history lovers, actors and storytellers are all welcome. We will dig into Arborg history and then learn how to create a performance from this found material. Participants in this two part workshop will have the opportunity to debut their creations at the Community Salon Friday.

All are welcome to attend an old time dance featuring Country Pride in Riverton. Party co-hosted by the Riverton Friendship Centre. Refreshments provided. Learn the process of making vinarterta with a true Icelandic Ama. The cost covers the materials so you can take your vinarterta home at the end of the evening! Participants must bring own rolling pin. Limited space, contact Marlene at to sign up. Discover this rich local history of early Icelandic settlers and their friendship with local Indigenous man John Ramsay- right in Riverton near where it all began.

We thank them for their integral part in making this story and artwork come to life. Bring your instruments down to the Arborg Legion and join multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jordan Red Moon Road in an evening of jamming, sharing and singalongs. All are welcome teens-seniors. Meet at the Arborg Heritage Village and then embark on a two hour journey stopping at key point to hear local stories through music, spoken word and performance. Learn the process of making traditional perogies from a real Baba! The workshop cost covers the materials so you can take your perogies home with you.


All ages are welcome! In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Chautauquas traveled across the prairies, bringing diverse cultural programming to rural communities. A merry band of multidisciplinary artists will go on the road together for one month, conducting week long residencies in four Interlake locations. Adult Theatre Class pm, Eriksdale Recreation Centre Adults and teens ages 15 and up will put previously written scripts inspired by the Interlake stories on their feet together with professional Winnipeg actors and directors to perform at the Community Salon Friday.

A silver collection will be taken in lieu of tickets. Come and join us on the road, see what we have been working on with the citizens of the Interlake- and get to know one of the most well-loved regions of our province. Possibility to increase hours during peak production periods when additional Box Office support is needed. Theatre Projects Manitoba seeks a creative, responsible, helpful, energetic and organized individual to serve as the Associate Producer to the organization. Involved in all aspects of the production process, the Associate Producer plays a critical role in the artistic and financial growth of the company.

The ideal candidate will have strong administrative skills and a facility and passion for producing theatre. Theatre Projects Manitoba is a creative and friendly working environment, and the organization is an essential part of the arts in Winnipeg. The ideal candidate will have a good work ethic, and an interest and knowledge of the Winnipeg theatre scene.

Manage day to day administration of the organization: Front line communications; regular office hours; license and permit applications; mail redirection and response; communication with contractors, service providers and suppliers; maintaining office environment; audition and job postings; directing phone enquiries; patron database entry and maintenance; statistical tracking; maintaining social media and web presence; memberships and affiliations; coordinating Board of Directors meetings. Theatre Projects Manitoba is a not for profit corporation with charitable status.

The theatre we do is intimate, provocative, and artistically driven.

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It is our strong belief that professional theatre, created in partnership with a community and its artists, can inspire awe, wonder, and meaningful discourse. Our goal is to continue to build cultural narratives that speak to and for all the people in our community. Theatre Projects Manitoba is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to employment equity and diversity and encourage applications from all interested individuals.

We thank everyone who applies for their interest, but only those candidates offered an interview will be contacted. This is a year for laughter and love; a time for magical journeys and difficult roads. This winter comes with two boldly theatrical plays; a beloved Canadian classic and a home-grown World Premiere. This season explores re-invention and transformation; the joys and struggles of embracing life in the face of great uncertainty. Abraham Heschel, one of the most influential scholarly rabbis of the 20th Century said :.

What we lack is not a will to believe, but a will to wonder. This season embraces story telling that aides us in this search for wonder, awe and mystery. There is power here. When she deciphers an ancient and neglected manuscript, Constance is propelled through a very modern rabbit hole and lands smack in the middle of the tragic turning points of each play in turn. Her attempts to save first Desdemona, then Juliet, from their harrowing fates, result in a wild unpredictable ride through comedy and near-tragedy, as mild-mannered Constance learns to love, sword-fight, dance Renaissance-style, and master a series of disguises.

Five Moments is a serious game for lovers in a dangerous time. Salons will continue to be a place for the community to share ideas, showcase artists, explore art forms through performance, sing, dance and play. They can travel back and forth in time.

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They may also travel through different dimensions and universes. They are re-evaluating the possibility of spending the rest of their lives together. TPM is committed to diverse, inclusive casting and these roles are open to actors of any ethnicity. TPM encourages submissions from artists who self-identify as members of under-represented communities. Please include a current photo and resume together as one PDF if possible. Successful applicants will be contacted to schedule an audition time and sides.

Accepting the prize on behalf of all was artistic director Ardith Boxall and associate artist Andraea Sartison! Read more about the MAC award and award winners here! L to R: Hon. Thank you! TPM created something original and thoughtful, while building respectful community connections and relationships.

Interlake artists and community members participated alongside Chautauquay tour facilitators to explore and celebrate a mutual interest in the development of the arts in rural Mb. This project truly embodied the heart and soul of community connections. Before you all get blissfully distracted by the Winnipeg Fringe Festival…. What we can tell you is that the fabulous outgoing artistic director of Shakespeare in the Ruins, Ms. Michelle Boulet, will be directing our first production opening on January 31st, !

This saucy and wickedly smart play will heat things up in the dark, cold winter. A Canadian Classic that founding artistic director Harry Rintoul would approve! Casting and creative team announcements with full press release! This gem has been in our secret development chamber just simmering, waiting to head into a final year of hands on creation!

We are putting the finishing touches on the team right now — and then this new play hits warp speed development this fall and winter. Surrounding this Manitoba creator for the creative process will be the cast, designers, dramaturg and director Ardith Boxall. Directed by Andraea Sartison. Assistant Directed by Ross McMillan. Illustration by GMB Chomichuk. Projection by Matthew Waddell.

Animation by Laura Anzola. Lights by Itai Erdal. Sound by jaymez. Stage Managed by Jane Buttner. Technical Direction by James Thurmeier.

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Design Menotor: Brian Perchaluk. Plus many more beautiful contributors and mentors on both this iteration and the last 5 years. Meet with the novels creators and learn about the process used to devise the companion pieces.

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The launch features signing opportunities and a private party with the artists prior to seeing the show. A mix and mingle for artists and theatre lovers alike! An opportunity for the creative communities behind Red Earth to come together. The show will be followed by a talk back about the creative process featuring co-artistic-leads Gmb Chomichuk and Andraea Sartison. The evening will also include a gallery display from local comic artists, to show the depth and breadth of this industry in Winnipeg.

The gallery can be enjoyed post show and at intermission, and the participating artists will be available to meet and greet.

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  • Tickets available at brownpapertickets. I joined this project a year ago because it looked like the most fun I could ever have and still be writing. So Rick Chafe is walking on Mars, and his foot catches some object, and he trips and falls. Is there more sci fi writing in your future? So, naturally, I found a class on science fiction. It was in that time that I began to look at sci-fi as a tool in writing, rather than a vehicle for lightsaber duels.

    What I love about sci-fi is how it immediately alienates us, but in the struggle to place ourselves in its strange new circumstances, we find some sort of recognition. I loved bringing that to theatre. There will for sure be more in my future. A long dead pianist wakes up in the future?!? What would it take to get to you to Mars? Besides a spaceship. Would you be ready volunteer or the last to leave Earth kicking and screaming?

    I like watching our characters grapple with that. Honestly, I think the bike paths would just have to be better than they are here. As an actor he has worked for a number of professional stages across the city, including the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Prairie Theatre Exchange, and Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, Shakespeare in the Ruins, and has had the opportunity to perform in schools and communities across Northern Manitoba and Ontario on five regional tours.

    He also makes coffee. Tales from the Chautauqua Tour! Join these fabulous artists for music and stories from the Interlake. Directed by Michelle Boulet. NOTE: Each actor plays four characters that may present as male, female, or non-binary. Actors are asked to read the script to choose which track they would like to read for. Auditions will be by appointment only. Calling writers, comic creators, playwrights, screenwriters, theatre artists and more! This workshop will coach the participants through creating text for comic books and then translating it to the stage.

    Using a hands on approach, and devised theatre techniques, participants will generate scripts will then be read by professional actors to receive immediate feedback. What is the purpose of lighting in the theatre beyond making actors visible? What is the language of lighting, how can it be manipulated and integrated at any stage of creation or production? What is the process of creating a design for a show? What is best practice in collaborating with a lighting designer?

    Discuss these questions and more and probably a whole lot of great stories , with visiting lighting designer Itai Erdal. A second coffee date will be held the following week to dive into lighting design with Siminovitch prize nominated Itai Erdal. Facebook event here. To show where fundamentally we are the same as cis people. And to show where we are different, unique, special, valid, deep and valuable. In my case, I want people to know how important it was that I was doing something valid. Scientifically and spiritually. That hormones and surgery would quell my lifelong gender dysphoria and that surgery would make me feel complete and for want of a better word, normal.

    I think many people have very little knowledge of trans people and seem bizarrely incurious, but also permit themselves to wax for hours about our lives and our rights and our needs. I think the science is growing more firm every day that trans brains have a variant that can be seen with instruments, a variant that makes our brains appear closer on some mappings to the gender we know we are.

    This is something I did that I needed to do, that I did years too late and that is very serious and life-saving. Also, people should know many of us are very happy but we are so often treated like garbage and it wears you down and kills your trust. I am one of the very very lucky ones. I have loving friends, a loving family, a job, a home, and my health.

    All these things are taken for granted by many. Many trans people have none of the above. People are trying to erase us from public life and I often feel like they are succeeding. There are two answers. Then, I, and the world changed and the limitless potential of stripping binary and gender from art suddenly freed the whole enterprise.

    I had always wanted this play to be the inside voice of a trans child and adult since so many stories of trans lives are about bodies changing and bodies colliding with others. If I see one more news story of a trans woman that starts with her or them putting on makeup, I will hurl. In assigning lines to this cast, I ignored gender leanings and you soon find they are so pervasive and yet so easily dispensed of with patience and imagination.

    I focused entirely on their individual strengths and since this work is basically blank verse, on how I could hear them or they saying a particular line. And I hope you all agree. How are you able to be so vulnerable and forthcoming about your life experience. What motivates your vulnerability? I think more properly I write about times when I was vulnerable and part of maybe why the play ends at the start of my transition process is that I am still vulnerable in being a trans woman who only passes as a woman some of the time and I need more time to look back on this vulnerable time.

    I think you need to be not angry to be funny, and not angry to write about the hurt you have endured and the hurt you have caused, so you need some growth and distance. To use an alimentary metaphor I think we can only regurgitate what we have fully digested. Otherwise, your work is gas or puke.

    That this was a spiritual journey for me: from innocence, through a wilderness of puberty and pain, to purgatory and bardo and finally to redemption rebirth and happiness. Friends, cooking, reading, rats, opera, theatre, classical music; feeling happy and alive most of the time now. Also, since my transition, I am more interested in looking at things in a different way. I love ghosts and the enneagram and take the horoscope serious enough I will avoid stuff if it tells me to. I also attend Quaker Meetings, St. I love the quiet of the Quakers and the music and sermons at Young and St.

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    You are a huge fan of opera — what are your top three opera picks that everyone should see in their lifetime? Not much. It was coming to the end of a dirty, sluggish, impoverished, depressed time and a better one would not begin until years after we left. Moving to Toronto in mullets excepted was the best thing my parents ever did for themselves or my sister and me. Cynically: that there was an AIDS crisis and many many many young people died and no-one seemed to care, not really. That as crap as it is for trans people now it was ten times worse for any gay or in any way non-cisnormative non-heterosexual person when I grew up.

    Also, it was a true death sentence so the idea of thinking you were infected and being terrified to get tested made people antsy and grumpy and tired but at the same time most people walked around like nothing was happening. I am getting married! I just have to meet someone. I am leaving the Winnipeg Comedy Festival after 18 years. I am teaching, I love it. I want to read even more and write poetry. Tuesday, January 29, A New Year! New Beginnings! New Art! Start your year off with inspiring new ideas! Curated by Tanner Manson! Music new and beloved and maybe more? Inspired by their love of storytelling, Fill The Whole Theatre Company aims to collaborate with a range of artists and community members to create multidisciplinary theatrical experiences.

    Hera Nalam is a 23 year old up and coming singer-songwriter and actor originally from Cebu, Philippines but is now locally based in Winnipeg. She graduated from the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto of Facebook event. We would like to wish everyone the happiest of Holidays and the very best for a New Year filled with peace and joy, happiness and good health and every other good wish for YOU, our fantastic friends!

    Thank you to all our community partners for opening their hearts and homes to our merry band of artists! Dances for teens and seniors were hosted with the Country Pride band. Finally, our hearty thanks to the Goodwill Social Club for hosting our Salons. Good cheer and warm hugs to our volunteers for all their enthusiastic help.

    We want to thank you for all of your support and love — we really appreciate each and every one of you! We know that sometimes you need a wonderful and clutter-free! We think we can help you out: Tickets to Dragonfly, playing March , ! Not sure which performance they will be attending? No problem! One size fits all, nut and gluten free, and fast!

    Plus, giving the gift of great theatre AND supporting your local non-profit theatre makes you look like a star — win-win! Call us — — if you need assistance! Sometimes online purchases prove tricky, and we can also process your request over the phone. Happy Holidays! A whole new expanded family. This sums up the last month for a group of rag-tag artists in the Interlake.

    Little did we know how when we set out about how rewarding this experience would be. The way each community welcomed us in with open minds and open hearts, showed us that art can live anywhere. Reflecting back on the tour as a whole, the only regret was not being able to do more. At the end of each week we felt we had just begun to crack the shell that was the artistic potential of each community and begin to find our place within it.

    When we entered our last week and I could feel tour coming to an end. I had an odd mixture of feelings. We clung to each night as we were able to- not ready for the tour to end. You could say we lit up the town, or at least the bar! We were very proud. In each community we would learn about local history, and also engage in conversations about the struggles of the present and hopes for the future.

    This came to life in a new way as we prepared for our final presentation in Teulon- where we hosted an afternoon of performances and activities to help the town brainstorm ideas for its Centennial Celebration next year. We shared stories we dug up from research at the museum and demonstrated ways we thought they could teach this history, while engaging the whole community in making plans and dreams for the next years. Today as I sit at home reflecting on the weeks that have recently passed, a few names still ring in my head: Patsy, Joel, Adeline, Merle, Emily, Ray, among many others.

    These people are what made our time so special. So in the closing moments of the Chautauqua tour I personally want to say thank you to each and every one of those people- and all the community members who supported us. Talk soon. We will see you soon. Community Sponsor: Teulon. Advertising Sponsors.

    Owner and operator, Bruce Tascona gave our cast a tour. The past week in Arborg was a trip to say the least — the word trip used in both a metaphorical and literal way. Our week centred on community workshops; a kitchen party, vinarterta and pierogi making, rug braiding, and theatre workshops.

    The meat of our time however, came from two historical tours. At the beginning of the week, we the artists were instructed to listen, watch, and create something of artistic significance to perform for the public tour at the end of the week. This opportunity was unique as it allowed each of us to interpret the legendary stories in our own eclectic way.

    From spoken word poetry, story telling, performance art, to song, we had it all. But there was one piece performed that held a collective significance. In this piece, we were to write names of significance within our personal heritage on a card. If we felt willing, we were to say the names of those we represented, releasing them to the lake and sky. Then we placed the cards into a fire on the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg. After each person read their set of names there was a breath of silence creating an odd mixture of feelings. At first, it felt mournful, but soon transformed to a reverent celebration of heritage.

    This event summed up my experience in every community thus far. At the beginning of each week, we enter as outsiders, but by the end, we leave as family. This act of letting go, but not forgetting, helped as we left yet another family in Arborg and Riverton. As we enter the final week of tour, I am torn. The experience from start to finish has been one big grand experiment, forming relationships that will stick in our memories and hearts until the day we come back to make more memories.


    As we begin this final week, we find our self in Teulon, the gateway to the Inter-lake. Once again, we enter as outsiders but are certain to leave this fourth and final community as family. Interesting fact about Teulon: Every September Teulon celebrates pumpkin fest. Among the many attractions the famous pumpkin growing contest leads the charge! Hot off the heels of this Chautauqua and to rave reviews from audiences!

    Tickets still available for Opening Night — get tickets on our website or by calling ! Letter from the road: Week 3 — October 25th Each week as I write these entries I find myself looking forward to the week to come. During our time in these communities there were two events that were defining moments. The first was the Lundar community dance. This dance had people of varying ages: the elders, the youth, even the school principal was there! This inter-generational connection summed up much of our touring so far- being able to collaborate with, and bring together all ages. The dance was also a ceremony of dares.

    Our merry band of artists have left Winnipeg to explore another fabulous area in the Interlake!

    winnipeg free press horoscope jule 5 2018

    Leaving the Moosehorn area late Sunday evening, we all felt a sense of belonging and accomplishment. The first week of tour did so many things for our group, as well as the community we inhabited. After a week filled with eclectic programming, we discovered that we had a second family in Ashen and Steep Rock. As we left on that snowy evening we all had love in our hearts from the small dedicated towns, and ambition in our minds for the weeks to come.

    A day off came and passed on Monday and Tuesday we gathered again and set sail back up the Six; a happy new routine. Heading into Lundar we could tell that this town had its own unique personality. Our first stop was Lundar School. After our time there, we left for Eriksdale. This was clearly the it place to be in town. After our group meal, I took the opportunity to explore the town of Eriksdale. The trees, roads, and homes seemed peaceful and untouched, like it had always been there. These two towns are proving to be unique and prosperous in their own way, and this tour is proving to be an experience worth remembering.

    With week One in the books and week Two moving steadily along, we look forward to the adventures and discoveries we will uncover in the coming days. I hope you are enjoying these stories as much as we are living them. Well, as always Winnipeg, its been nice. See you in a week! They have the only creamery museum in Manitoba! Riverton, MB pm, Riverton Hall. A Song for John Ramsay was commissioned by the New Iceland Heritage Museum as part of their newest exhibit that focuses on the legend of John Ramsay, and was created in the spirit of Reconciliation to highlight early stories of partnership and friendship between Icelandic Settlers and the Indigenous people in the New Iceland area.

    It was noon in Winnipeg when we all met up, packed, and set sail for the 6 the highway that is. The prairie roads held many a cow and plenty of flat land. This was the spot of our first group meal. We met up at a small diner before heading into town. It was a humbling experience having a table of talented artists sitting together about to embark on a journey the likes of which we had never seen before. Our next stop was the Steep Rock Community Hall.

    There we met with locals and listened to their stories over coffee, tea, and great cupcakes, possibly the best cupcakes.

    Cherry bomb: Poppy rant costs hockey analyst his job

    From there we all went our separate ways ready to embark on tomorrow. Watching from the outside looking in it became a surreal experience for me. For example the flooding in caused many a heart ache and many a tragedy that to this day have not fully been resolved. This tour represented more than just a show, it represents the Interlake and the resilience that it holds.

    Our Interlake Chautauqua is helping to rejuvenate a Manitoba wide arts scene. Later we began our workshop series. This entry is one of many. I plan to write to you with updates and gentle facts about the areas we will explore. Each entry will be filled with stories, heart, and updates on what the Chautauqua team is up to in the Interlake. The workshop will introduce students to the art of object theatre.

    This will be his methodology and will act as a launching point for the participants to begin the process to find their own. Greater effort will be placed on practical performance aspects. On the last day the participants will showcase their discoveries. Constructive feedback will be exchanged. Space is limited. Participants will work in pairs. When enrolling participants can enroll as a duo, otherwise Grant Guy and Theatre Projects Manitoba will pair up participants. We are excited to be treading new waters in the Interlake of Manitoba this season. For two years we have been scheming dozens of events, workshops and performances with hundreds of Manitobans who live beyond our perimeter.

    We are looking forward to learning from and creating with them. We invite you to join us on tour. Whether you are returning to your roots, or exploring a new frontier the Interlake will delight, and we know that this new kind of work will also be refreshing for our steadfast Winnipeg audiences. Our Chautauqua tour is open to all- urban and rural, old and young.

    We hope to see you on the road! Steep Rock, MB: October Arborg, MB: October Teulon, MB: October November 4. Join us for our 28th season! This fall we bring to life a modern- day Chautauqua. A merry band of multidisciplinary artists will go on the road together for one month, conducting one week long residencies in four Interlake locations: Steep Rock, Arborg, Eriksdale and Teulon.

    While the artists reside in the community they will collaborate with local citizens through workshops, art projects, and performances. We will also share poetry, and theatrical readings devised around our Interlake research. And bring your appetite! There will be delicious food from our friends at Feast Cafe! We will bring with us a beautiful production, and a caravan of artists- musicians, writers, performers who will collaborate with the Interlake citizens on workshops, cabarets, creative projects, performances and more!

    Join us to hear about our plans, and help us raise the funds required to take theatre to the highways and waterways of the Interlake! Tickets are available right here , right now or by calling our office at After a whirlwind opening week and weekend of A Short History of Crazy Bone , we are just tickled by the lovely audiences and reviews we have received! If you are still looking for tickets for, you can buy them online or by calling us at A reminder that our Students Night is coming up this Tuesday, April 3rd at 7pm.

    See you at the theatre! Theatre Projects Manitoba is delighted and honoured to invite you to the world premiere of A Short History of Crazy Bone , a performance that treads the line between poetry, dance and theatre. Crazy Bone is traveling to the river, trying to find a way back to herself. Crazy is a trickster, a wild woman laughing, a campesino, the artist.

    The ghosts she lives — and sometimes dances with — are not past loved ones but present companions. At the heart of the play is the movement, the process, of Crazy finding where she belongs, a spiritual odyssey in deeply human form. Exploring the bounty of bringing generations together in art and life. Our youth are agitating for radical reform, rebellion and revolution in art and in the world.

    Do we only rewrite the story that came before us? How do we embrace Elders and our faltering but necessary relationships. Thank you to everyone who has been with us in the artists who shared their brilliance in collaboration, the audiences who shared a tear or a laugh and their time, our friends in the Interlake who have shared their homes and stories with us, our supporters who give whatever they can! We feel very fortunate to have such a strong community, and we look forward to spending more time together in Enjoy your cozy winter, Merry Christmas!

    Purchase before December 15th using the code: Crazy Deal! And we will send your tickets in the mail to you before Christmas. Seeing, hearing, differently abled, our imaginations are as powerful as each one of our senses. This is a free event, open to the public taking place from pm on November 28th! Hours are: Tuesday to Friday, and 8 p. A radiant, clear complexion is the basic beauty ingredient No make-up can do a job without it. If excessive facial hair threatens your "natural make-up" be smart. Come in to Eaton's beauty salon and talk with our specialist.

    She can explain the gentleness and safety of the Kree method of electrolysis. Call for a free analysis. Protect your skin with this highly recommended method of hair removal. In the Land of Ca- scading Waters, will be shown today and Sunday at 1 and 3 p. Pianists, Sydney Mclnnis and Wray Downes. Sunday at 3 p. The Planetarium; which offers regular sche- duled programs throughout the year, is also located in the museum. The museum's hours are 10 a. Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 6 p. Sundays and holidays and 10 a.

    Mon- days, except holidays. The hours are 2 p. Monday to Friday. Tours are suitable for older children and adults; children under six not admitted. The muse- um is open 8 p. Tuesday and Thursday and 10 a. The hours are 8 p. Hours are from 9 a. Monday to Friday and from 7 p. Monday and Thurs- day. The museum is open by appointment.

    Ut 0, River RemL St. Hours are 10 a. Eaton's Beauty Salon has opened a Tri- Laboratory to enable our professionals to determine the condition of your individual hair structure rather than relying on guess work or With this service we can determine how your hair will react to any treatment whether it's coloring, a perm, straightening or whatever you need. We can determine structural health or damage and recom- mend the right corrective treatment.

    With at Eaton's our stylists can give you the benefit of scientific hair condition analysis and advice as well as creative hair design. You'll see beautiful results in your perm, your hair coloring, toning or setting. Come in and talk about it with us. Laboratory fee of The house is open through the year and has guided tours.

    The largest collec- tion of French and Metis ar- tifacts in Western Canada. Open during the Festival du Voyageur, Sun. Weekdays 10 a. After the Festival, Sun. Johnston said he will be interested in seeing demographic breakdowns in the months ahead showing whether the region as a whole grew or contracted and what the population decline will mean in terms of the percentage of the population in Thompson of aboriginal descent and what the ages were of the people who left: "Were they 60 or 20?

    Vale's Manitoba Operations will close its smelter and refinery in , with a net loss of perhaps jobs, although no one has confirmed that, making any projection of population growth over the period from May to May somewhere between speculative at best to little more than wishful thinking. Thompson is competing with Dauphin in the hopes of the province picking it as the site for a new jail, which the province needs but may or may not be interested in building.

    Toronto-based consultants rePlan have been hired by Vale to work with TEDWG in finding a way forward in developing perhaps five to seven options to broaden and diversify the economic base in Thompson and surrounding region in light of the refinery and smelter closure. While the loss of both our video stores, with Blockbuster closing its doors in September and Rogers Plus in December, are considered an inconvenience for consumers they are a small hit on the retail scene overall, compared to the loss of the 15,foot-plus Staples, which is very different; it was simply a corporate decision to pull out of the Thompson bricks-and-mortar market after five years.

    It opened at 69 Thompson Dr. Staples itself, as a corporate entity, is financially quite healthy and profitable. Office supplies are seen as a solid indicator of underlying business trends, and Staple's retail in North America is doing quite well in a competitive landscape. As a result of the latest numbers from last May's census, Thompson has tumbled from third spot - behind Brandon and Winnipeg - to fifth-largest city in Manitoba.

    According to the Burntwood Regional Health Authority's annual report for , released last November, the total population for the region is 46, and 76 per cent of the residents of the entire region are of aboriginal descent. On Feb.

    More than one in three 36 per cent people in Thompson were aboriginal. Between and , the aboriginal population in Thompson grew by nine per cent, from 4, to 4, people. Another one per cent reported multiple or other aboriginal responses.

    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    winnipeg free press horoscope february 26 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26
    Winnipeg free press horoscope february 26

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